Boxer and Surely

Boxer are a creative design agency based at Fort Dunlop whose web presence is a great example of the sort of thing I’ve been banging on about recently. Their corporate face is all slick and professional while their nascent blog, Soak It Up is a mad pile of bonkers that makes my head spin in the best possible way grabbing inspirational stuff from around the web, linking to useful resources and telling little stories about life in the business.


And then while writing this I come across another designer with the site / blog dichotomy going strong. Mark Murph’s Surely? site is still being constructed but his blog is gaining good traction telling you pretty much all you need to know about where he’s coming from.


To be honest most of the design agencies in Birmingham get the blog thing because they’re in the business of knowing how the internet works. But this can work for you no matter what field you’re in. I’d particuarly like to see Birmingham’s Fine Artists doing blogs like this alongside their portfolios. Let us know what’s happening there, people.

Boxer tip from Jon


  1. thanks for the love peteo.

    pop over whenever sir and we’ll go for a winnies. it’s good for the heart you know. keep on truckin’

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