I Has A Cold

Normal service has been rather disrupted by the thickness of my head these last couple of days. I’m hoping it’s just a short term thing that will be remedied by orange juice, duvets and dumb movies. Rest assured everything of interest I’ve come across is flagged ready to be turned into blog posts as soon as my brain is working again.

One unfortunate effect of this is I was unable to attend the Pub(lic) Conversation on Studio Space at Vivid tonight which looked to be a lively affair. I expect there’ll be a recording made public soon but if anyone feels the need to write up a report let me know and I’ll link to it here.

Right, back to bed for me…

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  1. No plans to podcast this one I’m afraid, it sits a little bit outside the core Pub Conversation series and we didn’t feel it would be appropriate on this occasion.

    Thanks to everyone who came (not a dig at you Pete – You Can Haz Nyoorowfen?) and especially to Lucy for doing a great job as guest speaker and chairperson.

    I’ll make sure you’re aware of any follow-up coming from Self Service (or email selfservice@hotmail.co.uk if you want to be added to the mailing list), but it would lead nicely on from the spirit of the evening’s discussion if people from outside of SS disseminated their views on the subject too, since I think reaction and objectives will differ greatly amongst people in different situations.

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