Bang Flashmob

The next flash mob organised by Brumob is a “BANG” on December 5th at 2pm. Here are the instructions:

1) Gather at the location (to be revealed closer to the time) just before 2pm in a loose crowd.
2) At 2pm two members of the Brumob team will walk into the centre of the location and draw their fingers on each other.
3) In response pull you fingers on each other until a huge standoff is created. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO WHISTLE FOR THIS ONE!
4) As the tension builds one of the original two will “shoot” the other shouting “BANG!”
5) This is your cue, let the shootout commence!
6) When you’re shot fall to the ground, the more gruesome and exaggerated the death the better. We all know that pretending to die is half the fun, and if people get too competitive this could go on for a VERY long time.
7) Stay on the floor (or slumped up against the phone box you clawed a while taking your final few breaths in this world) until everyone else is dead/gone.
8) If you find your self the sole survivor either tern your fingers on yourself or leave jubilantly (Brumob team suggest that skipping a little would add to the over all effect).
9) At this point disperse quickly and calmly in different directions.

If all goes to plan it should look a little like this:

or this:

I just home the police armed response teams aren’t out in force that day. Keep tabs on the Brumob site for final location details.

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  1. Simon H

    Hopefully with Oz now the BCU Student President we should get more than the average 10 of us. We had the last two flashmobs ruined by police hovering over the area.

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