1. Although I am from Liverpool I am based in Birmingham nowadays. When I saw the caprion for this article I thought – just for a moment – that I’d fibally been given some recognition but I soon realised I hadn’t. When doesn’t my enterprise get featured in your megablog? Am I beneath you? Is comedy not an Art in your opinion mate? Was there not a Muse of Comedy?

    I had concluded that I had been overlooked becasue I am fond of the Anglo Saxon noun beginning with C so wrongly censored from our common language by the rise of th Roman vagina – but which for morality’s sake I will not repeat here. I had concluded wrongly it would seem as the artwork to which I am attaching this comment feature the C word as bold as day.

    Perhaps you are just a snob dear megablogger. Another fan of Damien Damnation’s piss-primed canvasses no doubt.

    In case you or any of your readers are interested in Real Art (as real Art is nowadays termed) please point them in the direction of my website. This internationally respected website is hosted in Birmingham and is the ONLY COMEDY PROBLEM PAGE IN THE WORLD: http://www.wilmaproops.blogspot.com

  2. Nope, I’d just never heard of you, just as I’d never heard of Dave Hilliard before yesterday. I am but one mere mortal swimming in a city of activity, in the dark.

    But I still have no sodding clue as to what it is you’re doing!

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