Junc at Jibbering

Vamos Bien is an exhibition by Junc at the Jibbering Records Gallery in Moseley. Here’s the private view invite.


And there’s some blurb on Whatoninbrum:

If you’re into UK hip hop, you’ll be no stranger to Junc’s slick design work. As part of the illustration team responsible for animating the thought provoking Braintax music video, “Syriana Style”, Junc has literally been carving a name for himself. Collaborating with Overthrow Productions on the artwork for the forthcoming YNR release, “The Packaged Food EP” only cements that fact.

Junc was involved in the 1st exhibition, at Jibbering, 18 months ago and sold all 8 pieces from his collection! He’s taking on the whole space this time, check it out quick – his art sells fast!

This, the 10th exhibition at Jibbering, is ever exciting, over the nine weeks it will showcase Junc’s latest collection- Vamos Bien. Original work, limited runs of prints, skate-decks, t-shirts and much more will be available for purchase from Jibbering and at jibbering.co.uk.

Can’t find a website for Junc. Any links are welcome.