Richard Kaye’s Slit-scans

Richard Kaye has been posting some interesting photos up on Flickr using the slit-scan technique. A full description is at that link but if you think about the effect produced by moving a document over the glass of a photocopier as it’s making a copy it’s a sort so similar thing.

Here’s a few of his photos taken from this set with his explanations.

The moving car appears shorter than the stationary cars!

A more complex image formed using the slit camera by rewinding the film and simultaneously panning the camera. Vertical lines are formed by irregularities in the rewind. Horizontal lines are by irregularities in the panning.

The car moving right to left appears incredibly long (I had to look at it twice to recognise it as a car at all) whereas the vehicles moving left to right are shortened.

Here’s the camera Richard used to produce all these:

Click on it for more details and notes, but it’s a pretty simple operation. I may well try it myself!


  1. These look great. It’s worth looking at for a similar approach. Jon’s been working with these techniques for the best part of 10 years now and has created some amazing work over that time. Crazy stretching and extremely long photos… still movies – great stuff!!

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