CiB Open Mic Month

I’m going away over Xmas – spending a month with family in New Zealand – which means my bloggery will suffer but quite frankly I need a holiday. I’ll still be checking in but only once or twice a week at most. Since the arts / culture / etc world slacks off big time over Xmas I don’t expect to be missing too much but the blog will still be here and people will still be reading it.

So here’s an idea.

If you’re involved with CiB-type stuff you’re invited to write an article for the blog. It can be about anything you want, within reason, with the intention of starting a debate. Keep it succinct and to the point (500 words tops I reckon) and don’t be a dick for the sake of it, but other than that, the forum is yours.

Of course there are no guarantees of publication and the usual rules of libel and defamation apply.

Send your pieces to peteashton [at] and I’ll set them up to be published from December 10th through to Christmas and then again from January 2nd.

(I may change these rules depending on the sort of stuff that comes in…)


  1. Do we get to bagsie (how do you spell that anyway?) particular days? Put me down for some 1st of Jan new years’ resolutions!

  2. Hiya Pete

    If I think of or come across anything interesting or relevent I’ll give it a stab.

    Actually just thought – are you going to be in Auckland? If so and you come across any women running businesses in the CI sector do let me know!! I am over there myself in Feb (also on a family tip) but hoping to do some interviews with some female owned creative inds companies while I’m there.



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