Big City Doc

big-city-plan.jpgYou know that Big City Plan that Stef’s been blogging about? Well, part of that is a short film put together by Sarah Bagner of Squint Opera consisting of interviews with people from Birmingham. So far she’s talked to planners and architects and wants to widen the net a lot. After a brief chat at Gigbeth I’m meeting her on Thursday and suggested we bring more people on board, so if you’re around the Custard Factory from 3.30 – 5.30pm feel free to pop along. I think we’ll be in or outside Rooty’s. She writes:

I’m making a 5 minute documentary for the ‘big city plan’ a master plan for Birmingham for the next 15 years. Your opinion counts and we want to get the general public’s opinion. The film will be used for further consultations and be available as a tool to aide debate, blogging, etc. This is a really important film for your city’s future..

She’s particularly interested in getting more women on camera.

If you can’t make it and want to contact Sarah her email is sarah [at] or call 020 7978 7788.

If you can’t find us on Thursday feel free to give me a ring on 07775 690 106.