Simon Winnall

The photographer Simon Winnall came to my attention because he’s set up an iPhone specific version of his web gallery which I’m rather conflicted about (for nerdy reasons of cross-platform compatibility and the like – nothing for you normals to worry about) but saved himself from pretty much anything by having some serious concrete action on there. Literally in this case.


Mmm… Car parks…


  1. Pete, I understand your inner conflict, after years of sites coded for IE. Yes, surely the advantage of mobile Safari is that it works with regular websites, not ones coded especially. However it’s hard to argue when a bit of optimisation results in a site as lovely as Simon’s: usable on any standard browser and perfect for the palm of your hand. None of the silly ‘next’ slideshow stuff his regular site has, just scrolling photographic deliciousness. He should dump the regular site and make his iPhone site his only site.

  2. If it simply allows him to show clients images whilst sitting in a cofee shop it’s worth the effort. And now I’ve heard of him too.

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