Einstellung’s Tot

I’m playing favourites here but having been blown away by them over the weekend I can’t not draw your attention to Einstellung‘s new single being released online today.


Tot is being released as part of the Shifty Disco Records singles subscription club and should be on the site by the time you read this (unless you’re up in the middle of the night like me).

[Later: Here’s the link]


  1. A shameless plug – Einstellung are supporting Acid Mothers Temple (Japan) tonight at the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath. The show has sold out at ticketweb and Swordfish, but we will be holding back a limited number of tickets on the door this evening.
    For more info on the bands:

  2. If you miss the Acid Mother’s Temple gig or just fancy a day of quality music this weekend Einstellung are very proud to be playing in Oxford on Saturday 10th as part of the Audioscope all day festival. Headlining the charity event in aid of Shelter are krautrock founding fathers MICHAEL ROTHER (Neu!, Kraftwerk, Harmonia) & DIETER MÖBIUS (Cluster, Harmonia) other bands include SHIT AND SHINE, THE SEA AND CAKE and ROTHKO http://www.audioscope.co.uk

    Einstellung on stage at 2.45pm

    Playing a Birmingham gig with Capsule the night before has enabled us to keep the cost for the Shelter gig to an minimum which means more money goes to John Peel’s favourite charity.

    btw – Tot has been awarded single of the month by Subba Cultcha webzine.

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