Birmingham Zombie Day

Attention pranksters, performance artists and people who just like doing stupid stuff. Birmingham Zombie Day is being mooted. Braaaaiiinnnzzzz…


  1. Can’t we have a Birmingham Corruption day when anyone who has mishandled public funds aimed at art based projects gets a bucket of custard on their head delivered by said Zombie on their way back from said pub or something? Surely that would keep the funding organisations on their toes all year in the hope they don’t get a visit from a Zombie with a bucket of custard or suitable vegan equivalent? Project Leaders, Project Managers, Funding organisations and the likes may just get their act together if they were in fear of the bucket of custard. What you think? Am I being unreasonable?

  2. I did notice that all the zombies in the Melbourne picture looked remarkably happy for the living dead – so maybe this suggestion is already happening over there…

  3. Boy Wonder

    You have got me thinking now Mikhail, are able to say who you referring to…..overall though I feel zombies is a rubbish idea, although i did rather like the recent pillow fight.

    Birmingham should not just have one because everyone else has one this has been our mistake with the poor retail situation.

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