1. Keri Davies

    >I note they’re playing the Xmas Lights Swtich-on along with Sugababes and McFly

    That’s quite a line up :o)

  2. From their blog:

    And then the gig I’d been looking forward to the most. The Birmingham Retail Turning On Of The Xmas Lights with The Sugababes and McFly! That’s right readers, I got to say to 10000 people, “McFly up next”! It was very funny. I’ve got a feeling the sound was terrible, but I really didn’t care, you’ve got to appreciate these moments in time! I nicked a McFly plectrum and Lucy the sax player got her photo taken with The Chipmunks. Meanwhile Lucy the piano player was pouring rotting milk we’d found in the car down the sink of the backstage toilets whilst the Sugababes were putting on their make-up. We couldn’t fit in if we tried! We finished our set with our anti money spending song Hey Man!

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