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I’m not a big fan of Facebook apps, but that’s mainly because most of them are stupid and get in the way of using Facebook properly for serious things, and also because I’m a miserable git, but here’s one I can get behind 100%. I present to you the Created in Birmingham Facebook App.

How useful is that? Well useful if you need to have an abbreviated version of this site on your Facebook page. Otherwise, um, not that useful really. Still, in the interests of spreading the content across all possible platforms this is a good idea.

Thanks to Stef for putting it together as part of his investigations into the world of Facebook apps. If you have any bright ideas as to how it might improve direct them his way.

(Amusing side-note. After installing the app I was wondering why it didn’t appear on my profile. I’d forgotten about the Greasemonkey script I run that nukes all 3rd party apps…)

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  1. Yeah – the Greasemonkey thing is why I declined all the invites to install the FB plugin. I decline everything. Go away, everyone. Stop being all social on my network.

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