Ask Beattie

Post journalist Joanna Geary is interviewing Trevor Beattie soon and is soliciting questions from the public on her blog. Beattie was responsible for inflicting FCUK on us but let’s not hold that against him. Too much. Questions about branding Birmingham will no doubt occur.


  1. Adrian Clamp.

    I have a feeling you studied at Wolverhampton Art College. What are your recollections of studying at Wolverhampton Art College, so ,I can add your responses to my files on Wolverhampton Art School from 1885-1975.

    My question might be too late for the date?

    Adrian Clamp.

  2. Adrian,

    Alas! If only you has posted this on my site and I would have tried to get it answered for you.

    Really sorry. I’m hoping it won’t be the last interview that I do with Trevor though, so I’ll try and ask next time.


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