Supersonic sets on

This didn’t really click until Jez pointed it out but over on there are 14 complete sets from Supersonic 2007 available to stream. And the quality is really good, implying they’re taken from the sound desk. Very useful if you missed certain sets or your memory of them is rather vague (a problem I often have at things like Supersonic – too much input!) The tracklist features Shit and Shine, kid606, Drop the Lime, beestung lips, Calvados Beam Trio, fuck buttons, Jazkamer, Modified Toy Orchestra, Mogwai, Oxbow, Shay Bard, Strings Of Consciousness, Tunng and Voice of the Seven Woods – at a rough guess 11 hours of music.


  1. tea cloth

    hurrah, thanks! I’d seen these lurking round but hadn’t really thought they’d be much cop. Knowing the quality makes me more enthusiastic. I might set my PC to rip the good sets tediously all day so I can burn them to CD for bus/train listening!

  2. We’ll be releasing some of the sets once they are mastered on limited edition vinyl next year. I’ll keep you posted.

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