Project X collective memory

Stuff online about Saturday’s Project X Presents.

[Later: They’re doing the collective memory thing themselves, which is refreshing to see.]

Blog posts

Joanna Geary“The night summed up what Birmingham is capable of when it pulls its cultures and its talent together”
Robin Valk“A vibe that took me back 40 years, bolstered with 21st Century commitment and technology.”
Andy Pryke“Multi-faceted box of delights”
Pete Ashton (that’s me) on Matt Murtagh’s Wings of Brum photos, to which Rob Horrocks commented “This is very much what Project X Presents is all about. People pushing what it is that they do in a supportive environment. The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts and all that.”

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Project X account
Matt Murtagh’s official photos
Also, Matt’s Wings of Brum photos used as a backdrop from Einstellung’s acoustic set. Prints are available.
Pete Ashton’s Through the Viewfinder photos.
Marc Reck (115 photos!)

Scan of the Birmingham Post review.

More to come – links in the comments as usual please.

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