Brummie of the Year


Voting for Brummie of the Year has started and runs for the rest of month. The creative industries (for want of a better umbrella term) are pretty well represented this year, which is good to see. Here’s the nominations that made it through with commentary from BiNS:

Pete Ashton – blogging evangelist to the creative community.
Lisa Meyer & Jenny Moore of Capsule – bringing much needed gigs (and cake!) to Brum.
Carl Chinn – larger than life local historian.
Condori : Big Chief Busks With Recorder – on behalf of all our buskers and street entertainers.
Soweto Kinch – Mobo award winner and Town Hall associate artist.
Martin Mullaney – Camcorder Councillor, trying every which way to involve people in local politics.
Catherine O’Flynn – First time novelist who’s wowed the literary world this year.
Richard Pawley – Wants to build a 600 foot tower – and jump off it.
John Tighe of The Spotted Dog – Keeping Digbeth noisy, or so we hope.

(What has the world come to when a fucking blogger is in the running? Sigh…)

Go vote!