New Jibbering site

Substrakt has posted an update of their activities which includes the announcement of the new Jibbering website for the Moseley-based record shop and cafe.


The latter has been keenly anticipated in these parts as Jibbering is an interesting and vital force on the local music scene, something which until now hadn’t been reflected online. The site now opens up all their activities to view including their regular events (frequently at the Hare and Hounds but also all over the place) and services like equipment hire and event management. And, of course, the record shop itself. If you were wondering how an indie music store can survive these days this is a good model to watch.

Some bits of the site are still being padded out, as you’d expect for something that will evolve and grow over time, including the Gallery section but I picked up a flyer the other day informing that Sami Green is the current exhibitee with a show running from Nov 1st to Dec 5th. I don’t know exactly what’ll be exhibited (and, more importantly, for sale) but she does these wonderful sculptures:


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