Make flyering MySpace a little less painful

Over the weekend I had two separate conversations with promoters (Al of Curates Egg and Rich from Project X) about MySpace, specifically how posting flyers into the comments of everyone in your Friends list is possibly the most tedious and long winded task ever inflicted on a human. Initially I smiled the smile of pity and assumed nothing could be done, but then it struck me. While automating this might not be possible (to my knowledge anyway – if there’s a third party tool out there do leave a comment) it can be speeded up a bit.

Heres what you need.

When enabled this removes all the junk people throw on their profiles and, most importantly, neutralises any music or video meaning you can open lots of profiles at once and not kill your computer.

Now go to you’re Friends listing page and open 10 or 20 of them in tabs at a time. While you still need to enter each comment seperately it should be much quicker now.

Any other tips on making MySpace less of a bastard? Leave a comment.


  1. My tip is to forget MySpace and use Facebook! A Facebook group is so much easier to manage and the big advantage over MySpace is the ability to message all members at once.

    I still use MySpace to promote but I don’t view the tedious task of pasting flyers onto profiles as an efficient use of time anymore.

  2. best tip for using myspace: ignore it and use facebook. you don’t get half the SPAM, it’s easier to use and you pages don’t stutter to load as someones crappy music tries to play automatically

  3. To me, Myspace and Facebook are different ways of reaching different audiences. I fully intend to carry on using both for now.

    thanks for the useful tip Pete.


  4. I too wish everyone would just leave MySpace but the reality is bands and promoters need to be there at the moment. Facebook is lovely and all but it’s more a personal networking thing than a promotional tool. (Allowing for overlaps of course.)

    (Dave – check the plugin mentioned in the post to kill the music)

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