Work experience?

I occasionally get emails from people looking for work experience and today had one from a parent looking for somewhere for their 15 year old to go for a week. She’s specifically looking for graphics / design / art / illustration businesses but it occured to me that there should be some sort of system for getting work experience kids into the creative industries. Does anything exist? And if not, are any companies interested in taking this lad? Comments in the comments box please!


  1. I’ve been on the receiving end of these requests many times, in my previous life as a partner in a small firm. When we couldn’t fit the kid in, I’d always suggest telephoning large non-connected businesses (like Severn Trent, National Grid et al) – they tend to have a PR or graphics department, and are far more likely to have an established pattern for helping work experience folk.

  2. But these large companies usually have horrible graphics departments. Just my experience but some small companies do take a fair amount of work experience places. I don’t know anyone currently accepting placements though, sorry!

  3. But it’s work /experience/ – good or bad, and witnessing people within the commercial strictures of larger organisation is probably more useful than dallying through copies of Creative Review in a design agency. And that’s just my experience too ;)

  4. Actually, some aversion therapy probably isn’t a bad idea. I chose to do my school work experience in a bank and subsequently decided I never wanted to work in a bank, or any kind of office, ever again.

  5. i really want work experience in the fashion idustry
    i dont know where to look
    i need somewhere near birmingham/ wolverhampton
    but i just can t find anywhere
    can anyone help?
    or point me in the right direction?

  6. julia fomina

    hello, I am looking for advice and maybe help. Im in my second year and im doing scientific illustration course. In may I will need to find a work placement and I don’t know where to look and what shell I do. I feel very lost and confused because I don’t even know how to approach companies. I really need some advise on what to do and how to do it. I hope someone on this website can help me. Please. Looking forward hearing from you.

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