Pac-Man for real at Plus

Update: Here’s the Pacman Plus site.

In Stef’s Plus prelude post he mentions games of real life Pac-Man will be taking place throughout the festival in a specially built maze. Here’s the skinny:

The game will see one person taking the role of the iconic, ball-shaped hero as he is guided around by Player One. Player One has a birds eye view of the maze and can communicate via radio with Pac-Man, who can only respond by saying “wacacacaca” over and over.

Two other players will take the roles of Ghosts and are controlled by Player Two, who also has a birds-eye view and a radio. The idea is then for Player Two to corner and grab (not devour) Pac-Man using the two Ghosts under his control. Player One meanwhile has to survive for as long as possible and can find Power Pills to turn the tables on the Ghosts.

I suspect it will look ever so slightly like this, only not.


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