Rockabilly scene?

Over on my slightly dormant Brumblog someone named Zoe expressed despair that she’d missed the recent John Spencer gig at the Hair and Hounds and, quite reasonably, asks how one might find out “of any other events/music similar to Jon Spencer/ rockabilly/60s garage in Bham?” I know there’s a reasonably vibrant retro *billy scene here but I’m not sure what the best portal for it all is. Any greasy-haired throwbacks like to help?


  1. I am not greasy-haired, but this was advertised well in advance via the Coldrice mailing list (sign up at the bottom of that page), as are plenty more events that fall into that sort of bracket.

    This seems a touch obvious, though.

  2. Hi, There is a brand new rockabilly, garage, surf and all things in between night starting on Thursday at Atticus, the night is called Primative and is the resurrection of a previous night. It’ll be a night to hear great music in a relaxed friendly bar. Kicking off at 8.30pm it’ll be a once a month event. Free entry Atticus 113-114 Three Shires Oak Rd, Bearwood, B67 5BT open till late

  3. Zoe Charaktinou

    Hi there, so yes I asked about events etc. I thought Coldrice had stopped doing events to be honest and also, I never really understood what type of events they used to put on, I mean what kind of music because it was always at bar academy and it seemed to be just live bands, no DJaying and my friends wouldn’t really go to just a live gig…Anyway…that’s not important. I’m just gutted I missed Heavy Trash…I hv seen JSBX before, thankfully but still….It’s the second time I miss Jon Spencer in the past ten years – yes that long- and well…one shouldn’t miss Jon Spencer really….ever.My fault. Can’t get over it. Will talk about it for years to come….haha.

  4. Hi Pete,
    There’s a great monthly rockabilly night with DJ and a band at Ladywood Social Club. It is run by Rockin’ In Brum (the myspace site is And, if you’re after a rockin’ gig, try Nate Pilgrim and the Magnificatz at the Bar Academy on 16th November. Should declare an interest here, as I play in the band…

  5. Danielle

    Swing That Thing’ is a new night on Birmingham at the Island Bar on friday 25th.
    It plays Rockabilly music and swing, ranging from 1920s-1950s.
    Check it out

  6. danny

    im one of the organisers for ladywood rockabilly club we have monthly gigs (not this may )the next gig is the john lewis trio with london dj be bop kaz which will be on 28th june 2008 just like to thank everyone who has shown an interest and turned up to our gigs for more info find us on my space where all the gig details pics from previous gig are found so if you need a good nite out come and give us a try

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