Written on the Body reviewed

Rich Batsford blogs about the Written on the Body preview last night of Leon Trimble and Lisa Wetton’s Planetarium-specific art film.

It was a quite wonderful thing, playing both with the format and the technology. I was particularly impressed with Leon’s array of six CCTV cameras (five around, one up) which the dancers performed over, stiched together into a moving combination of David Hockney’s Joiners and the Sistine Chapel. It was also notable that this is, aparently, only the second non-space film to be made specifically for a planetarium, thanks to developments in digital technology, and that Leon and Lisa’s research will prove invaluable in the development of the medium.

While looking up and trying to see the whole thing it occurred to me that one of the barriers to this becoming an accepted art form is the predilection arty-types have for narrow spectacles. You really need massive Deirdre Barlow-style ones to take it all in.