How To Make A Difference

Art Stalking Ana draws our attention to the current exhibition at the Internation Project Space in Bournville. How to Make a Difference from the Freee Art Collective runs until November 3rd.


One of the great things about the IPS is how they put really long and detailed articles and interviews about the work on their site. Here’s the Freee one (after November it’ll have moved to the archives).

For their exhibition at International Project Space, Freee have created a project that brings together practices and debates around public art and the gallery space by installing a series of small public artworks within IPS. These works relate to existing public works also made by the group, including a billboard commissioned for Birmingham city centre. This work, called How to Make a Difference (2007), pictures the group making placards and protesting with a number of students. Seen perhaps as the behaviour of ordinary, if somewhat unusually vigilant citizens or just the ravings of interfering busybodies, the content of this billboard is unlikely to register as a public artwork at all by those who originally encounter it. Instead it will come to make sense, or become fully visible, viewed and recognised as a public work, only when it is subsequently seen within the context of the gallery.

Anna has a few photos from the set up including this one: