Post journo gets blog

Joanna Geary, journalist at the Post, has started blogging and not as part of the Post’s official excursion into the medium. The CiB hook is she often writes about media and creative industries for the paper and her third post should be of interest.

The conversation pattern is as follows:

Person A is pouring their heart and soul into project/business/event B. Person A is being supported in this endevour by one or more of the bodies in the city that are responsible for delivering funding/support.

However, during this process person A discovers something they believe is a flaw in the system. It may be something political, or something about the way the thing is structured that means it’s making it difficult to achieve goal B.

Now, person A wants to do something about removing that barrier, but knows that confronting the organisation directly will, in all likelihood, not only jeopardise funding/help from that organisation but potentially blacklist them with the others as well. This is because, in this city, there seems to be a dislike of those that speak out in opposition to the way things are run and an unspoken code that these bodies will ALWAYS publicly support each other (even if if privately they have difficulties working together).

So, as is always the case, person A keeps quiet, doesn’t criticise and they compromise and jump the hoops that the funders/enablers want them to. Or, alternatively, B sinks without a trace.

Read it all.


  1. Looked at that twice birmingham and still can’t get it.

    I’m liking Jo’s blog. Are you not?

    If I’m not mistaken, today she found that she’s going to be working out of the sixth floor of Fort Dunlop – I think it could get quite lively.

    Incidentally I read the Post today and there was one whole page with a good editorial, a piece from Clare Short and a column from the Stirrer that all left me feeling that they were worth reading.

    Maybe it’s an age thang.

  2. i was offering a nod at mikhail’s reaction to anything which starts a bit of a barney – i expected that particular topic above to provoke similar reactions, given similar topics here.

    i’ve put her blog into my google reader, but given she’s only posted two more entries (which i haven’t read yet anyway) it’s too early for me to say whether or not i like it – though i did think that particular post was spot on, as it happens; & quite apt, given the extremely positive meeting i had at arts central yesterday.

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