Arts Council ditches Project X


Project X blog about not getting funding from the Arts Council:

“It is simply an unfortunate situation that out of the 9 applications from organisations recommended, only 2 made it through to receiving funding.” And there’s the rub – only two out of recommended 9 applications are to get any money – 22%. The Olympics are apparently playing a role in this having diverted a great deal of lottery money – in the past the Arts Council has been able to grant 40 – 50% of the successful applications they receive.

Project X Presents, which brings together a while swathe of performing arts people from Birmingham in one six hour show, will still take place on November 3rd despite the likelihood of the participants being suitable renumerated so if you’re umming and ahing about going this should tip you towards a yes. And if you can afford to, go for the £20 ticket.

(Disclaimer – I like Project X)

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