Terence Davies at the MAC

A neat day for film-types at the MAC on November 3rd when Terence Davies introduces his films Distant Voices, Still Lives and The House Of Mirth along with an audience Q&A run by Roger Shannon. It all runs from 2-7pm and a combined ticket for the whole thing costs £8. More details on the MAC … [Read more…]

New Jibbering site

Substrakt has posted an update of their activities which includes the announcement of the new Jibbering website for the Moseley-based record shop and cafe. The latter has been keenly anticipated in these parts as Jibbering is an interesting and vital force on the local music scene, something which until now hadn’t been reflected online. The … [Read more…]

Taylor John’s House

Paperjam reports that Taylor John’s House has won the best live venue Godiva Award. Taylor John’s is in Coventry, so outside the remit of this blog, but from what I hear they’re doing good work worthy of support in difficult circumstances. So if you find yourself there do check them out.

The Music Box

Digital Central’s Music Box is complete. A three booklet series of resources and advice for the music industry it’ll be distributed to delegates at the Gigbeth conference or you can get a copy direct from DC. There are also PDFs available to download from these links: Box 1: Making Money out of Music. Box 2: … [Read more…]

New MAC theatre

The MAC has gotten an £800,000 grant for a new studio theatre, according to The Stirrer, which will be the new home for Sampad amongst others.

Careless Talk

A bit of local web buzz for Careless Talk, the new novel by Michael Richardson published by Tindal Street. Birmingham Words gave notice of the launch (which I missed telling you about – sorry), BiNS has a review and The Stirrer has a video interview:

Wolff Interview

The Birmingham Post’s interview with designer Michael Wolff (who did a very interesting Q&A at the Plus festival) appeared online on Monday. The hook is his opinions on Birmingham’s branding which he describes as “like a bus stop without the details of the bus service”. The article goes on to get responses from Debra Davis … [Read more…]

Flickr Monday

An irregular but always enlightening trawl of the Birmingham Flickr pool. from ambientbuzzsaw from Stephen D Harper from nikonmule from suselstahl