Big Screen YouTube group

The BBC Big Screen, which, after a short break, will be reconstructed in Victoria Square, is harnesing the power of YouTube in a wide search for submissions.

This is your opportunity to get your film seen in the centre of Birmingham. Your film can be about anything….drama, documentary, animation, experimental, anything….as long as it is suitable for a public space (i.e. no sex, no full frontal nudity, no swearing, no brutal violence). Upload your film here and the curator for the screen will be in contact if we have a slot for your film. All copyright stays with the filmmaker, we just need your permission to screen the film. The filmmaker must also have full permission for any copyrighted material i.e music, used within the film.

So if you’ve got some stuff already on YouTube which you think might be of interest to passing shoppers and pigeons, join the group and add it. via BiNS

(Disclaimer – I really hate the whole concept of the Big Screen.)


  1. Simon

    Has anyone seen the design for the new screen? I have, it’s cheap roman tacky style. I do not know how this one passed planning for Victoria Square in the middle of a conservation area. BCC have really made the wrong decision on this one. It’s really going to ruin the square, yes it is a busy place, but your going to hear Neighbours on top of the fountains.

  2. Thanks for this one Pete, I’ve joined the group and submitted some videos…of course Howard Marks and P.A.I.N won’t be played as they’re on iron man records but the song promotes growing cannabis, Police Bastard are from birmingham but won’t get played because of the name, Brian haw is from redditch and won most inspiring political figure but won’t get played as its political, Dufus won’t get played as although they’re on a birmingham label….they’re american and so it goes on….ha ha. Any more great ideas anyone? Marketing and promotion…for the bland and tasteless who can afford it….can’t wait to watch neighbours and daytime TV..if anyone is interested in my videos that no one else has seen yet go to:

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