Music Knowledge Exchange

Andrew Dubber writes about a new project starting in his department at UCE (sorry, BCU) – an “Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Knowledge Transfer Fellowship.” Thankfully Andrew translates this into English and it does look pretty interesting.

The Fellowship project will buy out half of my time for two years, starting with in February, to work with local music businesses and organisations, look at what they do, and help them develop new and innovative ideas that will help them make more money.

The idea is that it’s a knowledge exchange. They get new ideas from people like me who have nothing better to do than sit around and read, think about new technological developments and figure out what it all means. In return, we get first hand experience of what is commonly thought of as ‘the real world’ so we can get a feel for how these ideas might work in actual practice, rather than just in the realms of theory.

Not sure how it’s all going to shake out, but between the handful of us, we’re going to be working with about 20 different organisations, from community radio stations to punk labels, promotions companies to online music retailers.

Give than Andrew is absurdly blog-savvy you can expect this knowledge to be widely shared.


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