1. Amy Scrumper

    I don’t set myself up as a know all when in comes to Art and Culture in Birmingham but I knew Audience Central was formerly Birmingham Arts Marketing. Anyone who has heard Theodore Parker Bowles give one of his excellent lectures on the role of Birmingham in the Arts will also know.

  2. I’m sensing bait so what the hell, let’s rise to it and get all defensive.

    I’ve never set myself up as a know-it-all about Art and Culture in Birmingham. A year ago I knew nothing. Diddly squat. But I wanted to and when the opportunity to do this blog came along it seemed like a good thing to do.

    So what you’ve essentially got here is a journey, the A&C scene in Birmingham as seem through the eyes of a novice who dived in and is figuring out. I guess if I’m coming across as a knowitall after only 10 months then I must be doing something right. And I also guess that proves how easy it is to break into this environment – just do useful stuff and keep learning.

    Never heard of Theordore Parker Bowles. Would like to know more though. Care to elaborate?

  3. Amy Scrumper

    Theodore Parker Bowles has delivered various lectures in Birmingham since 2001. He addresses the crucial role being played by Birmingham in his envisioned Arts Revoulution”. The role he equated with a similar role played by the city during the Industrial Revolution.

    I missed his recent lecture at Symphony Hall (5th October 2007, arranged by Birmingham Rotarians) but I’ve heard he has developed two new strategies aimed at encouraging greater attendance of more avant guard events- I’ll enquire and let you know more as soon as possible.

    In the meatime, suffice it to say that, Theodore was the first Arts executive to call for “more readily available interval drinks and additional toilet facilities” (1983). He is an important figure in the Art and Culture of Birmingham and it has been my pleasure telling you more about him.

    My apologies if you took any offence from my previous comment as this was most certainly unintended.

    Fondest regards
    A Scrumper

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