Custard Factory site

Well, would you look at that. The Custard Factory has a new website and it appears to be based around a blog! Who saw that coming? In fact it appears to be pretty influenced by this very blog in tone and style. Hmm…

Yes, I’m running it, but I’d be a fool not to plug it here. Expect a little bit of cross posting as I struggle to decide which blog gets what but it should all balance out in the end.

(And for the record I think I’ve hit my quota limit for blog running. Happy to help out with advice though.)


  1. Looking good, don’t know if it’s on your list of things to-do but a map around the inside, showing the different units/clubs would be pretty handy.

  2. May as well add my post here too…

    Good to see the new Custard Factory site up and hear about all the future plans for the site like the company directory, events listings etc. I’m sure the content will be top notch.

    But the styling needs a whole lot of work. Currently the design doesn’t reflect the place in anyway and has the potential to discredit all the good work going into the content.

    I would like the Custard Factory to re-ignite the vibrancy of it’s past. This site is a step in the right direction but could do with some proper design clout to compliment the content.

  3. I think you should definatly have a little box for people to snipe about how “its not as good as it used to be,” apart from that well done.

  4. Robin Valk

    Be realistic, Dom. Do you want a website as Art, or as an information serivce? Dangerously brilliant and edgy innovative sites that tick all the boxes – they’re a pain to navigate and lengthy to load. I want Custard Factory info. This is a good start. Far better to do the basics right and build up to the fancy stuff later.

  5. If you’re eventually having designers in, can I submit a punters’ request to not have any animations that you can’t skip through whenever you open a link?


  6. DJ Limb: I’m already, two days in, thinking a forum might be useful. And I really hate forums.

    Robin: In Dom’s defense he very good at combining snazzy design and usability from the off. While I don’t hold the purse strings I’d be happy to hire him to do the design, once we have an idea what sort of design is needed.

    Russ: You do know who you’re talking to, right? There will be no pointless animations on my watch.

  7. Maybe I am missing something, are you able to subscribe to the blog and get messages when things are updated?

    Otherwise, nice and simple, good job…

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