Five Birmingham Poets

Five Birmingham Poets by Eric Doumerc

Dr. Eric Doumerc is conducting an ongoing research of the Caribbean oral traditions’ influence on Black British performance poetry. His main interests include the study of Jamaican deejaying (the early 1970’s period) and its influence on oral poetry. He travels to Birmingham, UK, where he interviews Five Poets with Caribbean and other international links. Included here, are the responses and poetry of Sue Brown, Moquapi Selassie, Leon Blades, Martin Glynn and Roi Kwabena, all poets living in that vibrant British Midlands city. “Five Birmingham Poets” is an excellent introduction to contemporary poetry and culture of Black Britain. It is suitable for study by students at High (Secondary) School and University levels. However also provides general readers with a splendid opportunity to experience these unique voices.

It’s available from for £8.91. via Birmingham Words