Subjectivity is a wonderful thing.

Councilor Ray Hassall, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Culture, having decided to reprieve Artsfest for another year (quoted in The Stirrer):

“The reorganisation has totally paid off, and it’s been very successful” Hassall explained.

“Wherever I’ve been, it’s been packed. The question now is how do we look at adding to that?

“The arts team have gone away and brought back something that’s really hit home.”

Nachdey Hasdey Bhangra Group perform on the Millennium Point stage, photographed by hellocatfood


  1. We actually went and watched those guys, at least partly because it seemed a bit of a shame for them. There were about 10-15 people around at the end of their set.

  2. i didn’t actually get to any of the millennium point artsfest events so i may talking out of the place it’s unwise to talk out of, but could it have suffered from the usual mp effect of a perception of it being miles away ‘all the way over there’, not helped by there being a particularly uninviting gap of mostly building site between the action of high street / bull ring & millennium point itself ?

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