Blast Audio


I’m in two minds about posting this as it’s not really representative of the event and, to be honest, not very good quality. Basically I left my iPod+mic on the ground recording Blast last night but it couldn’t deal with the volume. Where the audio drops out, thats when it gets really loud. Still, it’s a record. Hopefully there’ll be more.


Download mp3 (70mb)

Photo by AEIOUX

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  1. in a similar vein, here’s four odd minutes of poor quality footage of tonight’s Blast. Terrible compression, some people talking in the background, it’s up with some of Gimpo’s shots of the KLF burning that million pounds in terms of a inadequate record of spectacular arts.

    There were loads of people with proper cameras, and tripods and everything, but this might do until that stuff surfaces.

    Just as good for a second time btw.

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