Plus+ gets closer


The Plus+ International Design Festival takes place at the Wild Building on Floodgate St from October 17th to 21st and they’ve really started throwing information onto the site.

Of particular note is the list of speakers which shows the range and international reach of the festival, and they recently confirmed Julius Wiedemann as they keynote speaker:


Julius Wiedemann, editor in charge of the design and pop culture book programme for TASCHEN publishing, Germany, will be the keynote speaker at the Moving Type Conference where he will pose the question: Why type? Why a typographer?

Julius will share his belief that the positive reinvention of modern design tools might at long last be paying off after a decade of dark times when (almost) everybody thought that the ‘computer’ could do anything. Creative disciplines such as illustration, graphics, design, and particularly typography have been undergoing an enthusiastic revival due to the realisation of the differences between tools and meanings.

I’ll no doubt be posting more about the festival in the next month but for now have a browse around the site.