Kerrang to enter Heritage Rock market?

Kerrang FM to enter Heritage Rock market? I jest but recent Ofcom approval has allowed the station to cut their new music output from 50% to 33% during the day. Fair enough, really, but the justification in this PDF that they’re doing this because pre-release plays mean new songs are old before they’re officially old is a little strange. Kinda like dating a child from conception rather than birth. Or something. One could also add that if your audience is bored with the new music you’re playing then play some different new music. It’s not like there isn’t enough stuff out there at the moment, and I’m not talking unsigned bands. ta to Jon Bounds for the heads up.

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  1. Not suprised at all really, If you want to hear good new music look to the net radio shows and podcasts, tons of great stuff for absolutely every taste imaginable and all FREE.

    Commercial (& local) radios have incredibly limited playlists and will never take a walk on the wild side for fear of losing listeners. Isn’t this kind of fuddy duddy attitudes that spawned pirate radios in the 1960s?? Its the reason why the traditional radio stations are losing their listeners slowly but surely to the new medium of podcasts & net radio.

    Just think….10 years ago the internet was slow and rubbish, hardly anyone had access…now internet is fast, loads of people have it in their homes, libraries, and workplaces, and more recently mobile phones…..think 10 years in the future? Internet in car stereos? Streaming audio? Access to music anywhere through Wireless networks? This progression in technology I’m pretty sure will destroy traditional AM/FM stations who fail to move with the times.

    People are frustrated with radio and TV , why do you think there are hundreds and thousands of ordinary people making their own shows!

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