CiB News

I’ve tweaked how this site worked a little bit. Any small posts which would usually go in a “Roundup” will now have their own entry with a pink blob next to it on the website. Longer posts, profiles, reviews, etc will continue to have titles and look the same. This is pretty much the same system I have running on my personal blog and it should enable me to get stuff onto this site quicker and easier.

I’ll probably tweak it a bit more as it doesn’t quite look right but the structure is how I want it.

While I’m at it, the events of the last week (yes, there have been events) have seen me take my eye off the ball a bit from what this blog is supposed to be about resulting in something of a backlog. I’m going to address that backlog over the next few days and hopefully have systems in place to reduce it in future.

I thank you for your continued patronage.

(If everything looks wrong hit F5 and refresh the page)