Ultra-local blogging interview

If you’re at all interested in what this blog (along with Jon at BiNS, Nick at Podnosh, Adrian at The Stirrer and others) is trying to achieve you really should put aside half an hour to listen to this interview with Simon St. Laurent who’s been running an ultra-local blog, Living in Dryden, in the States for a number of years.

A lot of what he says rings true with my experiences, especially the notion of taking information that’s already being spread around in emails and word of mouth and widening the scope of the conversation, along with the trials of explaining to people how incredibly easy it all is. If you don’t have half an hour the good stuff in in the first 10 minutes.


Related to this, Podnosh Nick is planning a meetup of some description soon. Nothing confirmed yet but if you’re on Facebook keep tabs on the Birmingham Bloggers group.

Thanks to Jez for the heads up.