Sky Orchestra update 6

Rescheduled for next week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

I’m wondering what sort of weather conditions they’re waiting for, and if we actually get such conditions in Birmingham.

[Update to the Update (6.5?): Helga for Fierce has left loads of useful info in the comments along with contact details if you want to be informed when it’s going to take place.]


  1. Hello, Helga here from Fierce!

    Well the problem this morning was that there was too much wind. We need a lot of conditions to be right to fly the balloons – it can’t be westerly (or balloons will go over the flight path and that upsets the CAA!) – and today it was northerly. So far so good. But today it was too strong – and that poses risks for the movement and (more importantly) the landing of balloons. So far so no sky orchestra.

    So this is NOT a precise science and we can all do all we can but in the end it’s down to the weather. Pity the poor balloonists who have to get up at 0400 in the morning to sort out the balloons only to find they can’t fly.

    We DO get those weather conditions in Birmingham – honestly – we successfully flew balloons spectactularly in 2004 from Millennium Point and the balloons flew over Moseley… but this year has been very unlucky.

    We were going to do the first ever Sky Orchestra with live music – CBSO musicians were at the ready – but now it’s all down to availability of balloonists, Civil Aviation Authority clearance, availability of musicians and the wind being in the right speed, direction and strength!

    So – you can see why it is all a bit hit and miss.

    As for notification – can I say that I will do my best to notify people by text if they e-mail me their details at helga[at]fierceearth[dot]com??

    We only get the official “go” on the evening before the proposed launch, so if you haven’t heard by around 2000, assume it isn’t happening. If it does, it’s Summerfield park around 0630.

    OK – so everyone chant, pray, burn sacrifices – do whatever – to bring about the right weather conditions and you may yet see the Sky Orchestra fly…


  2. Hello again –

    Well, I know we have all been here before but the Balloon Captain tells us that it’s a “go” for Wedesday morning.

    The timetable runs as follows:

    0555 Commence inflation.
    0615 Load and test audio kit and musicians on board.
    0635 Tinkly bells start for final audio checks.
    0645 Balloons launch.

    So if you want to see stuff and get the full Sky Orchestra experience I suggest that you come along to Summerfield Park (entrance on the junctio of City Road and Selwyn Road) around 0615…

    Again, this IS weather dependent, there will be another check in around 1600 but we’re told that cancellation will be “very unlikely”.

    Cheers all,


  3. Well, so much for weather dependent events.

    I can now confirm – without any equivocation or doubt that Sky Orchestra will NOT be happening this year – at all!!!

    Next slot (possibly) March 2008, last two weeks.

    So no really early morning for any of us.

    Will, however, still keep you posted.


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