Moseley Folk Festival collective memory 2007

An ongoing collation of mentions of the Moseley Folk Festival across teh internets.

Your central point is the Festival Messageboard where you can leave a quick note of praise or otherwise.

Here’s the rest of the stuff I’m finding, updated as I discover new bits and bobs. As with the Supersonic Collective Memory I’ll actively search for a week or so but feel free to send me links or leave them in the comments.

Found on Thursday

Found on Monday

How I do this

The blog posts come from searching Google Blog Search and Technorati for entries that mention “Moseley Folk”.

Photos on Flickr are a little harder to track this time as people are tagging them in all manner of ways so I’ve had to result to building a Yahoo Pipe which combines a number of searches and filters out the duplicated. Pipes are a little daunting but not that hard really if you’re comfortable with RSS feeds. I’ll set up another one for YouTube tomorrow.

I’ll be monitoring Google News but don’t expect anything for a few days. The rest will come from serendipity and people letting me know via email. Hint hint.

Interestingly it was easier tracking Supersonic despite having to trawl through all the jet engines.


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