• This list of bands playing over over the Gigbeth weekend is starting to emerge: Mr Hudson and the Library, Nizlopi, Soweto Kinch, Achanak, The Priory, The Orchestra of the Swan, Mr Derry, The Gravity Crisis, Nu-Life, Misty’s Big Adventure.
  • The Moseley Folk Festival are running a competition to win Kate Rusby’s new album which is released on that weekend.
  • (LikeMind) is one of those meetup things that looks really vague but is probably worth checking out. The remit is “Who: people like you. What: an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation. Why: because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun.” How you know if you’re of a like mind is uncertain but the Birmingham one takes place on Friday 17th of August at 8am at Hudsons Coffee House, 122-124 Colmore Row (map) and is run by Paul of S&X, a PR company based in Big Peg, and James of Supercool graphic design. (Hang on, 8am? Is that right?)
  • Couple of reviews from the first Kamikazi 444 Club night at the Rainbow from Russ L and The Baron.
  • Interesting outreach initiative from the Birmingham Opera Company. They’re “looking for more than 100 people who live and work in Birmingham to take part in a production of La Traviata“.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all the folks who came to Likemind – yes, it was at 8am but I have to say, there wasn’t a bleary eye in the house!

    We had all sorts of people attend, from sectors as diverse as architecture, business, design, education, journalism and public health. All very diverse and interesting, I thought.

    The next Likemind’ll be 21st September, 8am at Hudson’s Colmore Row. So, I hopefully even more new faces will pop in for coffee and chat.

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