• The deadline for registering for the Decibel Performing Arts Showcase is Friday 17 August. While not restricted to the Midlands, browsing the 51 acts might be a useful activity.
  • Digital Central has details of the BDI, Industry & Genius Awards where Digital Birmingham are sponsoring a new Digital Design category. They’ll also give assistance in submitting for it.
  • DC also has news of Screen West Midlands’ Drve programme where the aim is “to support Birmingham based screen based media businesses to develop and get on the way to where they want to be.” Starts of 10th September.
  • Charlotte Carey has started a new blog to complement her existing Creative Enterprise one. “Sometimes I just want to rant on about this and that and it’s stuff that doesn’t relate specifically or at least I don’t want to relate to my work. […] Some probable areas of interest that might crop up: My observations around technology-ish, online networking type stuff, people and behaviours, people and the environement and life in general.”
  • You’re all aware of Birmingham: It’s Not Shit of course but the chap behind that, Jon Bounds, has another blog – Waiting for Doddy where, amongst other things, he muses about the internet and social media. A useful read as I often find him a somewhat grounding voice.
  • Episode 4 of The Danger Signs, a sketch show produced in Birmingham by Missing Hen, is up on YouTube.

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  1. “a somewhat grounding voice” does that mean I a cynic Pete? Guilty as charged ;)

    I’m finding more and more reason to compartmentalise my writing – so there’s BiNs, boundr (the tumblog), the more ‘professional’ one on my personal site, and I’m thinking about a site revamp that will put yet another blog on for more personal and random thoughts. Plus the kittens.

    Danger of split personalities? It’s obviously something you, Mr Dubber, Nick from Podnosh, etc all seem to be doing too.

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