Emoción Flamenco Festival

Emoción is a Flamenco festival taking place at the Town Hall in November.

The searing emotion of living Spanish culture is showcased in one of the UK’s finest cultural venues – a festival of authentic flamenco dance and music at Birmingham’s stunning Town Hall.

Emoción Birmingham is set to become an annual celebration of great contemporary flamenco performance in Birmingham.

Showcasing some of Spain’s most exciting artists, Emoción will present work that is set to dazzle and inspire audiences with its passion and sheer physical energy.

Lead by Ana Garcia (pictured) who runs regular classes at the Custard Factory and Moseley Dance Workshop, the festival runs for three days.

Pepa Molina and Company (9th Nov)
Joy, pain, and pulsing energy, Pepa Molina produces that heart-racing rush you yearn for in any great flamenco performance.

Los Arrieritos in ‘13 Rosas’ (10th)
Spectacular dance, live music and a recorded soundtrack create an emotionally searing performance that has scooped top awards in Spain and throughout Europe.

Último Tango Fusión (11th)
A unique artistic event, Ultimo Tango Fusión is a dance of joy and liberation, yearning and hope, menace and suppressed violence. Featuring El Último Tango – the UK’s acclaimed tango ensemble – plus voice, flamenco and tango dance, lovers of all things Latin are promised a fiery evening of pure passion.

There will also be workshops in dancing and flamenco guitar playing.

A blog, Flamenco Birmingham, has been set up but hasn’t been written in yet.

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  1. Amy Scrumper

    My friends Guibert de Nogent, Dame Flora F Bucket and Brigadier Anthony Spunk-Hamilton and I have tried for days to book tickets for the final night of this festival. It appears to be right up Spunk’s alley!

    Unfortunately, none of us have been able to contact the Town Hall’s Box Office – “it’s always bu**ering engaged” Dame F Bucket said. I too tried to book today but also found it engaged. Surely they should have call waiting facilities -but apparently not.

    Also, Birmingham Town Hall seems to be the ONLY venue in the world that charges you EXTRA to book online. Don’t you just love Art strategies like this? Perhaps you agree that internet bookers should pay more – I agree, some of them are sad nerds. I’d have booked anyway as money os no obhect for me bit the Brigadier siad he’d “be blowed” of he’d pay extra.

    Has anyone else been lucky enough to secure tickets? Or, are you too experiencing difficulties with the newly refurbished (at the cost of £22 quintilian of our council tax money) Birmingham Town Hall?

  2. Amy Scrumper

    Sirry, I should have read my last cobbent before I posted it nut I didn’t have time. I’m not a toucb typist and unfortunately the letter keys of my keyboard are all rubbing off. It’s a nit git and biss really.

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