Either I’m missing something or there’s naff-all going on at the moment. I guess people really do go on holiday in August after all. I’ll do a more concerted dig tomorrow but do take this opportunity to let me know what you’re up to.

  • Rich Batsford outlines his plans to become a “independent self releasing musician”. “I think as a society we are starting to get over the idea that to be a successful musician, you must have a record deal with a known record label, and ideally have registered in the charts. We are starting to accept that the “record industry” that sprung up around the sale of physical units (records and cd’s) actually promoted an awful lot of bad, average or at least, lowest common denominator music, and more or less suppressed a great deal of good stuff.”
  • TAK got their Webby in the post.
  • Whenever I pass it it seems to be showing sport or polluting the mental environment with some tedious BBC programming but the Big Screen in Chamberlain Square does put on locally produced original content. This month it’s animation with a whole gamut of shorts. I can’t see any schedules but if you’re desperate I’m sure most of them will be on YouTube or similar. At least you’d hope so.
  • Crypic email time. Make of this what you will: “NB. to be confirmed. this is a Royal Society of Arts/Starbucks Coffeehouse Challenge debate — west midlands. resource full. creatively challenged. or what? date: 29th august time: start 6.30-7.00pm venue: Starbucks, New St, Birmingham”