Reality Estate

Reality Estate is a delightfully ambitious performance project taking place in October at the Five Ways Estate.

The project will communicate the realities and stories of life in Five Ways Estate and its surrounding area of intense development against a backdrop of spectacular projections and lighting.

A unique score for the event will be created by Dutch artist and composer, Merlijn Twaalfhoven, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical traditions. Twaalfhoven is renowned for his large scale participatory projects, often working with divided communities.

Pioneering digital and video artist, George Saxon, will create a stunning visual backdrop to the performances through projected video artworks created to work in synchrony with the local architectural skyline.

Mark Storor, artist and director will work with local residents to create performance based work to link the journeys of the audience and the choirs.

The project, which involves 3 professional, 3 community and 3 estate-led choirs in 3 venues with 300 participants, will be documented on their website and culminates in a series of live performances on 28 October 2007.

It’s coming out of the Friction Arts people and Ruth at Neon is doing the PR. And while we’re at it, 383 did the website.

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