New venue: Sui Generis

The Birmimgham Mail reports on planning permission being granted for a new venue in Digbeth. Sui Generis will be situated in a converted warehouse on Adderley St in Digbeth, east of the Custard Factory and along from The Rainbow. With a capacity of 600 it will have live music and, given the opening hours are 10am – 4am daily, club nights. The bloke in charge, Lee McDonald, has three years to convert it, though one hopes it won’t take that long.

Interesting to note that this is being pushed by Coun Peter Douglas Osborn of the planning committee as “a cultural asset for the city centre which is essential at the moment” given that the Spotted Dog over the road is suffering from the effects of decisions made by said committee. Perhaps we’re seeing some zoning coming into effect where the northside of the High St is for the clubs. Who knows.

If you’re wondering, “Sui generis is a (post) Latin expression, literally meaning of its own kind/genus or unique in its characteristics. The expression was effectively created by scholastic philosophy to indicate an idea, an entity or a reality that cannot be included in a wider concept. The word is pronounced SOO-eye JEN-er-ihs or SOO-ee JEN-er-ihs.”

Hat tip to Russ L