Kamikazi Presents…

Kamikazi are running a new music night at the Rainbow starting on August 10th and running every Friday. Interestingly they have slightly bigger plans than just putting on gigs for the sake of it.

Kamikaze Promoters are currently looking for the best signed and un-signed acts Birmingham has to offer… We’re looking for high performance levels combined with strong local fanbases of 50+ to take through with us into 2008. Bands that continually prove they are well supported and established at local level will be given the opportunity to build up their profile by playing with signed and touring acts that play throughout the year.

The implication is these Rainbow gigs are the feeder stream that will support their expansion into promoting bigger gigs next year. If you think this sounds like something you’d want to be involved with contact details are here.

The first gig sees Copter, beestung lips, Swampmeat and The Velvet Texas Cannonball. Which is a pretty good lineup in my eyes.