Needles and Hooks

Needles and Hooks is the trading name of Sara Fowles, a designer/maker from Birmingham.

Working mainly in textiles and wool, I use traditional techniques to produce unique modern/contemporary handmade accessories and homeware items including purses, belts, bags, cushions, tableware and decorations. I am also a traditional dressmaker making bespoke womenswear and menswear from a range of my own designs and patterns.


My influences and inspirations come from far and wide spanning the worlds of visual arts, graphic design, design fashion and architecture. I am especially influenced and inspired by music particularly minimalist and electronic artists such as Steve Reich, Phillip Glass, Glenn Branca and Rhys Chatham. I also have a passion for artists, bands and composers who have a DIY aesthetic and approach to their work. This DIY aesthetic and approach resonates in my work as a designer maker as I responsible for an object from start to finish.

Her work is available from People on Poplar Road, Kings Heath.

I came across her on the Friends of the Stars blog. They’re releasing an ultra-limited edition CD single with the sleeve handmade by Sara. As well as the physical objects Frequency of The Word Turtle will be released digitally on 28th August along with their long-awaited album Lighting and Electrical.