Début are a publishing house based in Wolverhampton who specialise in art and design books. They’ve currently got two releases, 99 Silhouettes exploring the medium of the shadow “from signage on toilet doors to Japanese shadow puppet theatre” and Free?Fonts listing some of the many shareware and freeware fonts available and putting the culture of free fonts into some context.

Their next project is Branded consisting of logos submitted by 130 Artists, Agencies and Designers. This is due out later this Summer.

Presumably to raise funds for the printing of Branded they’re currently selling 99 Silhouettes and Free?Fonts at 50% off retail in their shop.

What I find interesting about Début is their open submissions system where anyone can enter a contribution for their books. Presumably this gives them a greater depth and range is content. I’ll be watching them with interest.

Hat tip to Creative Wolverhampton.