Somethings for the Weekend

Something musical: The Moseley Folk Festival is your big event for this weekend. Last year’s was terrific in the rain on Saturday and fantastic in the sun on Sunday. If you’re a hippy with a beard and a floppy hat then you’ll be in heaven and if you’re not by any stretch you’ll be pleasantly … [Read more…]

believe on…

From willgrant Photos are posted here from the Birmingham Flickr community. Click on the image for more details.

Zombie Slipmats

by Dom of TAK! You think TAK are getting a lot of mentions on this blog? That’s because they post a lot of bloggable stuff to their blog. If you had a blog and posted lots of bloggable stuff to it I’d mention you here too…

Midas banned from chart

The Stirrer reports that Birmingham band Midas have been disqualified from the UK charts for the current single Red Shoes expected to chart in the top 20 based on midweek figures. It appears they prompted a suspicious spike in sales by selling pre-loaded SIM cards at gigs which make downloading the single easier for fans, … [Read more…]


Minimum Mouse – handmade jewellery made from kitsch and vintage clothes. And other stuff. Run by Marianne and James and based in Birmingham they sell on eBay. B:INS points to Fraz ‘n’ Gus, ostensibly a novelty pop act but with a pretty decent musical heritage behind them. Songs include Northfield Nan and the rather cutting … [Read more…]

Ctrl-copy launches

As previously blogged, the online exhibition Ctrl-copy goes live today. There’s also a launch tonight at 6pm in The Orange Studio on Canon Street (map). If I’m awake I intend to be there.

Sky Orchestra Update 4

Remember the Sky Orchestra thing that was supposed be part of the Fierce Festival but was postponed indefinitely due to shite weather? Well, they’re giving it another go one morning between Wednesday 5 and Friday 7 September starting from Summerfield Park, Edgbaston (map) Here’s my original post on the spectacle but in essence, CBSO musicians … [Read more…]

Birmingham Book Festival

The Birmingham Book Festival runs from October 11th – 21st and has a quite impressive line-up of events and workshops with a quite international flavour. BBC Birmingham has some highlights.